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  • a plea for the unknown

    • portrait 15 Linda Arts

      portrait 15
      Linda Arts

      Linda Arts studied drawing, painting and printmaking. She makes abstract paintings, light installations, graphics and works in public spaces.

    • portrait 14 frank havermans

      portrait 14
      frank havermans

      Frank Havermans is a “self-made” adventurer and explorer in the world of architecture and urbanism. From his studio he creates his models and drawings.

    • portrait 13 evelien van den broek

      portrait 13
      evelien van den broek

      Composer, performer and producer Evelien van den Broek creates electronic music for live performance, film, modern dance, installations and soundwalks.

    • portrait 12 ad roefs

      portrait 12
      ad roefs

      Ad Roefs worked as an architect for OD205 and Jo Coenen & Co, among others, and has been an independent architect since 2003.

    • portrait 11 ilse vermeulen

      portrait 11
      ilse vermeulen

      Ilse Vermeulen is currently in charge of the costume atelier at Zuidelijk Toneel. In her career, she has worked as a costume designer for theatre, opera, film and dance productions.

    • portrait 10  Mark van Hoek

      portrait 10
      Mark van Hoek

      Mark van Hoek, involved in ‘the New Eccentrics’ among others, is currently staying for several months at the renowned Düsseldorf Art Academy as a guest student.

    • portrait 09 chuan ming ong

      portrait 09
      chuan ming ong

      Chuan Ming Ong studied fine arts and took Asian and Japanese studies. His illustrations have appeared in Dutch and international publications.

    • portrait 08 dyane donck

      portrait 08
      dyane donck

      Trained in visual art, (electronic) music and technology, Dyane Donck collaborates with numerous other artists and technologists from different disciplines.

    • portrait 07 nick j. swarth

      portrait 07
      nick j. swarth

      Nick J. Swarth made his debut in 1997 in the Flemish literary magazine Yang. In 1999 he won the Literary Prize of the Province of Gelderland.

    • portrait 06 sanne bax

      portrait 06
      sanne bax

      In the TextielLab / Textielmuseum Tilburg, Sanne Bax discovered the possibilities of tufting. That gave her the idea to study textiles as a free art form.

    • portrait 05 ulrike doszmann

      portrait 05
      ulrike doszmann

      Born in Dresden in the GDR (former East Germany), Ulrike Doszmann ended up studying theater dance at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg (NL).

    • portrait 04 jacq palinckx

      portrait 04
      jacq palinckx

      As an idiosyncratic guitarist/composer, Jacq Palinckx often moves between improvised music, avant-rock and composed music.

    • portrait 03 marjolein landman

      portrait 03
      marjolein landman

      Wandering through urban landscapes, from New York to Tokyo, from Hong Kong to Tilburg, Marjolein Landman searches for the beauty of decay and destruction.

    • portrait 02 chikako watanabe

      portrait 02
      chikako watanabe

      From the North Pole to the South Pole, Chikako Watanabe goes in search of local communities and their environment.

    • portrait 01 strijbos & van rijswijk

      portrait 01
      strijbos & van rijswijk

      For more than ten years, Jeroen Strijbos (l) and Rob van Rijswijk (r) have formed the composer duo: Strijbos & Van Rijswijk.