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sanne bax

In the TextielLab / Textielmuseum Tilburg, Sanne Bax discovered the possibilities of tufting. That gave her the idea to study textiles as a free art form. After the Rietveld Academy Amsterdam she showed her first textile sculptures in Luycks Gallery Tilburg; then a spatial installation based on her explorations in wild nature during Art Rotterdam 2023.

In het TextielLab / Textielmuseum, ontdekte Sanne Bax de mogelijkheden van het tuften. Dat bracht haar op het idee om textiel als vrije kunstvorm te gaan studeren. Na de Rietveld Academie Amsterdam toonde ze haar eerste textielsculpturen in Luycks Gallery Tilburg; daarna een ruimtelijke installatie op basis van haar exploraties in de wilde natuur tijdens Art Rotterdam 2023.

“sculpting in textile”

beeldhouwen in textiel

starring artist portrait 06:

sanne bax

text notes:
hku utrecht*)
university of the arts in utrecht netherlands (from 1875)

pre-education hku*)
pre-eduction hku at the fashion department (from 1984)

upper secondary general education in the dutch education system (from 1968)

fashion in arnhem*)
artez university of arts arnhem netherlands /
department fashion and design (from 1946)

textielmuseum tilburg*)
with origins in 1924, 1986 the textile museum was finally located in the former woolen fabric factory c. mommers & cie in tilburg netherlands

tufting is a method of manufacturing high-pile textiles
the technique originated in the 1950s in the united states
the tufting department is part of the textile lab /
interactive part of the textile museum tilburg

rietveld academy*) dutch college of visual arts and design located in amsterdam netherlands (from 1924)
sanne bax is associated with the textile workshop as a supervisor

yarn spinning*)
spinning is an ancient textile art in which fibres are drawn out and twisted together to form yarn

carding the wool*)
pre-spinning / pulling the hairs of the wool in one direction /
processing of the wool with a carding mill

faroe islands*)
danish north atlantic archipelago, halfway between norway and iceland /
rugged, more sheep than people, subpolar oceanic climate

art installation*)
consisting of mostly heterogeneous objects brought together in a new context / not to be confused with art assemblages that have a fixed composition

art rotterdam*)
international art fair rotterdam netherlands in the iconic van nelle factory /
unesco world heritage designed by architect leendert van der vlught

pacific trail*)
also called the pacific crest trail / runs from south to north along the highest parts of the sierra nevada and the cascade range / 160 to 240 km east parallel to the west coast of the pacific ocean

human dimension*)
scale ratio that can be traced back to the average sizes of a person


projects shown by sanne bax

location: atelier gorinchem netherlands
example of spinning with the spinning wheel
example of tufting with the tufting tool
example of carding with the carding mill
pictures of the pacific crest trail

location: luycks gallery tilburg netherlands 2023
solo-exhibition sanne bax ‘green thunder’
wall and free-standing textile sculptures
appearance: / gallerist ingrid luycks and visitors exhibition in luycks gallery

location: art rotterdam netherlands 2023
art installation ‘setup for camping’ (in progress)

location: faroe Islands – exploration tour sanne bax

location: pacific crest trail – exploration tour sanne bax

video portrait 06 sanne bax

camera and video editing: tom pijnenburg
research, editorial, text titles: jan doms
dutch – english translation: jan doms

graphic design: jan doms
opening sequence: pieter reijnen & tom pijnenburg
sound: aspa petrov – prefuse 73 dvořák
ernst bonis – composition taksim

music end credits:     vidna obmana – tremor – moedra

Sanne Bax

video portrait 06 sanne bax
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