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dyane donck

Trained in visual art, (electronic) music and technology, Dyane Donck collaborates with numerous other artists and technologists from different disciplines. Some collaborations worked out so well that they led to a permanent collective or duo such as: BOUWMEESTERDONCK, NYX, DOCK ZUID, GYMBOY ORCHESTRA, and others

plea for the unknown
pleidooi voor het onbekende

“composing is to position events in time”

starring artist:

dyane donck

text notes:

duct flute with a whistle mouthpiece, origin from the middle ages and mostly made out of boxwood in various sizes such as: soprano, alto, tenor, bass.

the xylophone (from the greek word ‘xúlon’ (wood) and ‘phōnḗ’ (sound / voice) is a percussion instrument of polynesian origin.

on a percussion instrument you generate the sound by struck or scrape by a beater or by rattles or otherwise. percussion is part of ethnic, classical and pop music. it is said that it forms the backbone of a composition and / or improvisation.

spanish guitar*)
also called classical guitar and is an acoustic string instrument with resonant sound box / founding father of guitar making: antonio de torres jurado (1817 – 1892)

music chord*)
a chord in music is a set of pitches / frequencies consisting of multiple notes (pitches) that are heard as if sounding simultaneously.

invented in 1829 by cyril demian. works on the basis of air, which makes the framed thin metal plates vibrate. the accordion has spread all over the world and has found its place in very diverse music styles: folk music, jazz and classical music.

ludwig van beethoven (1770 – 1827) was a german composer, musician and conductor. he was counted among the first viennese school and introduced romanticism in his later work. his music has had a dominant influence on 19th century music. he brought innovation in the field of harmony, melody and form.

wolfgang amadeus mozart (1756 – 1791) was a german composer, pianist, violinist and conductor. at an exceptionally young age he plays already the violin, harpsichord and organ. his work is considered to belong to the classical period and he also belonged to the first viennese school. he invented new musical concepts within the tradition and had great influence.

graphic score*)
graphic notation from about 1950. it involves the use of non-traditional musical notation symbols to represent music. in this way information is conveyed to the musician how a work can / should be performed.

arnold schönberg (vienna, 1874 – los angeles, 1951) was an austrian-hungarian-american composer, music teacher and theorist, and painter. as the founder of twelve-tone music, he is regarded as one of the most influential composers of the twentieth century.

music technology*)
music technology is a field of study that deals with the combination of music and technology (electronics, computer hardware and software). technology that is used on stages or related configurations, during recordings, concerts, also belongs to this field.

hans timmermans*)
dutch composer, pianist, researcher music technology (1951)

ernst bonis*)
dutch composer, e-musician electronician (1944)
electronic music, sonology, sound synthesis, organology, music for carillon-automat

iris bouwmeester*)
iris bouwmeester, sculptor, lives and works in breda in the south of the netherlands. she graduated at the sint joost academy (sculpture department) and obtained a master’s degree at the sandberg institute in amsterdam. she is also collaborating with composer dyane donck on various multimedia installations under the name ‘bouwmeesterdonck’.

els mondelaers*)
the belgian mezzo els mondelaers studied classical singing at the ghent conservatory, where she has specialized as a soloist in contemporary music as well. gradually, she expanded her career as a specialist interpreter of classical contemporary music. new challenges she found het second habitat in the world of music theatre, contemporary dance and performance. with sound artist dyane donck she forms ‘nyx’. they combine their various skills in a performance concept in which modern classical composition meets art-pop and electronic music.

sound gems*)
‘sound gems’ is a mobile app with a collection of ‘audio jewels’. the binaural audiotracks are made to be listened to in a certain way (like lying down), in a certain environment (like a forest or a street) or at a certain time (like sunset), allowing the daily environment of the listener to become a theatrical part of the experience.

brutus – atelier van lieshout*)
‘brutus’ initiated by sculptor joep van lieshout combines culture, living and working in an harbor area with 120 years of industrial history in rotterdam. at its heart lies a cultural cluster measuring at least 75,000 ft2. this houses a museum, exhibition spaces, art depot, art education, workshops, studios and affordable working / living spaces for artists.


projects shown by dyane donck

culture night breda (2018)
commisioned by: municipality breda and popmusic stage mezza
concept & music: dyane donck
coaching dansers: dansnest
video: auke hamers
mezzo soprano: els mondelaers
voice: dyane donck
dance / performance: hidde aans verkade
koen van der heyden
percussion: evelien

‘daisy bell’
london – live in the rehearsal room’ (2013)
daisy bell: evelien van den broek
dyane donck
richard van kruysdijk
music & voice & guitar: dyane donck
words: william blake
voice and electronics: evelien van den broek
percussion: richard van kruysdijk
editing & production: richard van kruysdijk
camera: bart van geldrop
‘lost in isolation’ (official trailer 2023)
a visual concert about ‘crisis and catharsis
concept & music: dyane donck
drawings: iris bouwmeester
animation: jos meijer
performed by gum boy orchestra:
mezzo soprano: els mondelaers
soprano & bass guitar: rianne wilbers
cello: jacqueline hamelink
percussion & electronics: robbert van hulzen
dramaturgic advise: robin coops
light: marc joosen – klaarlicht
live sound: sandor caron
production: dyane donck company

concept en choreografie: andrea leine
harijono roebana
dans: aika goto
kris mohammed adem
andrea pisano
timon de ridder
benedita crispiniano
margarida constantino
inbar elkayam
musici: renée bekkers (accordeon)
ketevan roinishvili (cello)
muziek: sofia gubaidulina
arvo pärt
josquin des prez
dyane donck (electronische soundscapes)
lichtontwerp en toneelbeeld: jeroen smith
geluidstechniek, sounddesign: oscar bouwmans
lichttechniek: barry van rooijen
marc joosen
repetitor: michael jahoda
’the obscure thoughts of isabella green’
video: auke hamers,
acting: evelien van den broek

‘myriam’ – a headphone opera trip
festival opera 21 – de singel antwerpen belgium 2019
created by: nyx
composer: dyane donck & mezzo soprano els mondelaers
a combination of skills in performances where modern-classical influences, pop and electronic music meet
special guest: soprano clarion mc fadden participates in the unique opera experiment via video edits
‘cocon’ (2017)
music & electronics: dyane donck
sculpture: iris bouwmeester
cello: jacqueline hameling
fil & 3d video-mapping: ruud terhaag
co-production: stichting mono, november music & electron
project supported by: performing arts fund
mondriaan fund
creative industry simulation fund
municipality breda
stokroos foundation
bkkc (since 2018 known as: kunstloc)

‘hex’ – a ritual multi-media concert
november music festival den bosch 2014
concept & composition: dyane donck
vocals: els mondelaers
percussion: slagwerk den haag
joep marys
robin eggers
vitaly medvedev
video: auke hamers
live sound: sandor caron
live image & electronics dyane donck
design screens erik van raalte
dramaturgical advice: wout van tongeren, silbersee
production: roland spekle, mono foundation i.c.w. november music, slagwerk den haag

‘sound gems’
concept & sound & music: dyane donck
video portrait 08 dyane donck

producent: dyane donck company
muziek: dyane donck
g.f. händel
co-creation: els mondelaers
maarten spruyt
performers: els mondelaers
maas van gogh
dyane donck
live geluid: sandor caron

portrait 08 dyane donck

portrait 08
dyane donck

camera and video editing: tom pijnenburg
research, editorial, text titles: jan doms

graphic design: jan doms
opening sequence: pieter reijnen & tom pijnenburg
sound: aspa petrov – prefuse 73 dvořák
ernst bonis – composition taksim

music end credits:
‘brutus’ – producent: dyane donck company
muziek: dyane donck

portrait 08
dyane donck

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portrait 08
dyane donck

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