Report 4th premiere night

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Report premiere evening Nov 30, 2023
Internationals Art Channel

Hall 1 Filmtheater Cinecitta Tilburg (nl),
host: Peer de Graaf
portrait 10: Mark van Hoek – visual artist
portrait 11: Ilse Vermeulen – costume designer
portrait 12: Ad Roefs – architect
mini concert: Jalal Hadadi plays the santour

During the fourth premiere evening of the Internationals Art
Channel in the fully occupied large cinema of Cinecitta, the fourth series of three artist video portraits premiered.
Host Peer de Graaf welcomed the guests and led the audience in a humorous way through the highlights of the evening. Full-screen, the artists/designers Mark van Hoek, Ilse Vermeulen and Ad Roefs told their personal stories and artistic ideas in a subdued manner, richly illustrated with living examples of their respective artworks, costumes and architecture.

The Iranian musician Jalal Hadadi introduced the
audience to his traditional Persian string instrument the Santour in a virtuoso way. He played a truly beautiful composition. The audience became enthusiastic and enjoyed in great silence.

This ‘plea for the unknown’, the motto of the Internationals Art Channel, was fully respected and the concert concluded with a long thunderous applause.

Immediately after the traditional floral tribute for the artists, ‘who are the next three?’ was announced by Peer de Graaf
portrait 13. Evelien van den Broek (composer / voice / electronics)
portrait 14. Frank Havermans (visual artist / designer)
portrait 15. Pia Meuthen (choreographer / Panama Pictures)

The afterparty in the Atrium lasted until midnight.
All portraits are now online.

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