• Report premiere night 5

    Report 5th premiere evening Internationals Art Channel
    Hall 1 Cinecitta March 28, 2024

    presentation of artist video portraits: Evelien van den Broek, Frank Havermans, Linda Arts.

    Thunderous applause was given to the portrayed artists and the producers of the Internationals Art Channel, Jan Doms (editors) and Tom Pijnenburg (camera and montage) during the first festive lustrum edition of the premiere evening on Thursday, March 28 in the large hall of the Cinecitta film theater. Peer de Graaf, who acted as host, guided this unforgettable evening in a masterful and humorous way, which ended with the traditional floral tribute for artists, producers and the team of the Cinecitta film theater.

    Portrait 13:
    Evelien van den Broek (composer, voice and electronics).

    Evelien van den Broek is emerging as a pioneer who, with the voice as a basis, uses live electronics to show and perform new sound dimensions. In various collaborations – from gamelan to – a beach walk ‘pursued’ by a brass band and a private internet music course with ‘guarantee of happiness’ to a music performance that marks the extinction of the Northern white rhino, not to mention ‘false memories’.

    Portrait 14: Frank Havermans (designer / adventurer in the world of architecture and urbanism)
    Frank Havermans shows and discusses his world of scale models that underlie his architectural constructions. This produces a panorama of standing, mobile and floating objects that have found their way into the private and public domain in the city and landscape worldwide. He concludes with a trip on his dynamic ‘trolley’ with which he crosses the streets around the busy central market of Taipei in Taiwan.

    Portrait 15: Linda Arts (visual artist)
    Linda Arts talks about her search within the world of abstraction of all shades of gray within the spectrum
    from white to black and vice versa. All this in the form of drawings, graphics, paintings, works on location
    and in public space. A separate chapter is formed by her installations with light, in which music and
    movement regularly play an enriching role.

    All portraits are now online.